Home is Where We Park It



There’s just something special about getting back to nature.  Sitting outside around the campfire, listening to crickets stridulating (yes, my hubby had to tell me what the sound they make is called … who knew?), birds chirping, and owls hooting is just good for the soul.  Especially when your idea of “roughin’ it” includes a 28-foot travel trailer, complete with a full bath, TV with surround sound, and queen-sized bed.

The first time we took our new camper to Rocky Point at Lake Wright Patman, we invited two of our favorite fellow camping couples to go with us.  We were so excited to take our “glamper” out for the first time.  We made our reservations close to each other, planned our menu and decided who would cook which meal, invited other friends to come out, and packed our belongings for our maiden voyage.  


Needless to say, we had a mini-hurricane blow up that Friday night, and Saturday’s semi-flood and 20 degree drop in temp ruined all chances of us being outside enjoying the great outdoors.  Our activities quickly changed to playing games, eating hot dogs, and watching movies … nine adults and two dogs crammed inside our RV, having a blast.  (To this day, every time I mention that our camper is too large, my hubby and daughter enjoy reminding me of this weekend and how grateful we were that we could all be together in one RV.)

Two weeks ago, Mike, Fallon, and I decided to get those same two couples to go with us to DeGray State Park for a three-day weekend getaway.  Again, we planned our meals strategically with us responsible for the Friday night meal.  

We arrived after lunch on Friday, got all set up, and lo and behold, the bottom fell out of the sky that evening.  Hamburgers on the Blackstone quickly turned into fish and shrimp at the Fish Net in Arkadelphia.  Lucky for us, Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day complete with pumpkin carving, a little hike, and a hamburger/hot dog cookout.

I think our friends have learned that camping with the Turners means rain is imminent at least one day/night, but thank goodness, the memories we make will last a lifetime.