Armani Valentino

age: 38 | Publisher, Author, Business Marketing Consultant | College Boy Publishing, LLC &

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Armani Valentino stays busy running his publishing company, College Boy Publishing, and his consulting business. “I independently became a national bestselling author and therefore have a certain level of expertise when it comes to marketing,” he said. But Armani believes that his own successes allow him to do more than just consult. “If [I had not been successful in publishing my books], numerous other people, especially African-Americans in Texarkana and many other areas, would have never been inspired to go for one of their dreams of becoming a published author,” he said. “Sometimes you have to be the first to do something in order for others to be inspired to know they can do it, too. You know, be a trailblazer and an inspiration. I think I have done that since I was a young child—inspired others to follow their dreams.”

Though he’s most often spotted writing self-help books, managing a publishing project, or consulting, Armani is regularly involved in service work. “Most of how and what I give back people never know about,” he said.

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“I tutor and volunteer with many of the youth in different capacities.” These different capacities include volunteering for Bridging the Gaps of Arkansas Ministries, the REACH program at Texarkana ISD, Total Life Changes, The Healing Place, and United Families of America. A father to a son, Armani Christian, Armani enjoys recording/ producing music, speaking/coaching, reading, traveling and “just living life.”

Armani is also proud of the work he’s done in the Beverly neighborhood, helping community members revitalize the struggling area. He calls the initiative #BuyBackTheBlock. “It’s been something that has inspired many in the community to take a more active role in cleaning up the neighborhood, rehabbing the homes, starting a business, and getting to know one another in an attempt to create a community,” he said. “I want to give people the opportunity to rent and eventually own homes in a decent neighborhood with the intent to create a community. Home ownership is the foundation to creating a better life and family wealth in America.” 

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“I sold my first house to a corporation owned by a famous former NFL Super Bowl and Collegiate National Championship coach!”