Ashley Eddy

age: 37 | Maternal Child Supervisor | Wadley Regional Medical Center

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In her position as Maternal Child Supervisor at Wadley, nurse Ashley Eddy oversees the nursery, NICU, postpartum, gynecology, and pediatrics departments. On any given day, she can be found scheduling shifts, managing her staff, acting as a floor nurse in busy times, and even fulfilling her duties in her position as “self-proclaimed women and children’s party planner.”

Ashley’s work is her passion. “I love being a nurse,” she said. “I love helping others, educating families with a new baby or new diagnosis, or just helping them get well by making their hospital stay a positive one.” A Texarkana resident since 2010, Ashley’s previous career experience led perfectly to her current position. “I owe [my successes in my position as supervisor] to the previous positions I held, which gave me the confidence to be a supervisor,” she explained. “After working in Fort Worth as a nurse, I was a travel nurse for 4 years. I worked at some of the best children’s hospitals in the United States. Through traveling, I not only gained valuable experience in nursing but also learned a lot about myself and found my voice.” 

Best advice you’ve ever received:


Regularly volunteering through the hospital, Ashley is especially proud of the NICU Reunion and Breastfeeding Celebration, two recent projects she played a part in. She also serves the community through events at Heritage Church.

Though nursing is her dream job, Ashley’s favorite roles are those of wife to Michael, and mother to Roland (4) and Reid (21 months). Along with her family, Ashley loves traveling, spending time by the pool, and supporting her children in their interests. 

Name something about you that very few people know:

“I am often mistaken for my sister, Jenni. We look a lot alike, both happen to be nurses, and have children the same ages. Our personalities are slightly different, however. If you see one of us and we don’t speak, it’s probably because we aren’t the sister you were thinking.”