Bryan Craig

age: 36 | General Sales Manager | Artex Truck Center


Bryan Craig has a passion for sales. His main career focus is leading a sales organization in the commercial truck industry. From 2011 to the present, Bryan has earned Diamond Club status from International® Trucks by being one of the Top 10 salespeople in the country each of those years.

“Meeting my wife, Dana, and convincing her to marry me almost 17 years ago and being able to raise two of the best kids (Braden, 15, and Brock, 10) we could ever ask for is my greatest personal accomplishment,” says Bryan. “We have a wonderful family that truly would rather be together than with anyone else in the world.”

Besides his daily operations in sales, Bryan’s team sponsors the Alzheimer’s Alliance Tri-State Area’s Twice as Fine Texarkana Wine Festival and the Runnin’ WJ Ranch’s Texarkana Open Golf Tournament. He also enjoys volunteering for the summer camps with his youngest son, Brock, at First Baptist Church Texarkana.

Best piece of advice:


Playing basketball with Braden, golfing with Brock and having date night with Dana fills Bryan’s spare time. Traveling as a family to “anywhere” is also a favorite pastime for Bryan.

Looking ahead, Bryan sees himself continuing to grow spiritually. He concludes, “I want to grow deeper in my faith in our Lord and Savior and lead my family spiritually, keeping my marriage a priority, keeping our family close and advancing in my field of profession, in that order.”

Name something about you that very few people know:

“I am actually under 40.”