Christina Guzman

age: 33 | Marketing | Ledwell

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Christina Guzman has always had a love for marketing. However, she didn’t realize it until joining DECA her senior year of high school. It even took a few years after that for her to realize that she wanted to pursue a career in marketing, but now she loves her job handling all marketing for Ledwell, Ledwell Machinery, and Ledwell Office Solutions.

Other than the day she got married to her husband, Geoff, and having her two children, Olivia and Adrian, obtaining a bachelor’s degree is Christina’s greatest accomplishment. “I started out attending college right after high school, but life happens,” she explained. “I decided to finish my degree when my daughter was a year old and finished after my son was born. Working full-time, raising two small children, and attending school full-time was an experience I will never forget.” 

Best advice you’ve ever received:


The Alzheimer’s Alliance Tri-State Area holds a very special place in Christina’s heart. She volunteers for two of the organization’s special events, Twice as Fine Wine Festival and Over the Edge. She is also the social media manager for the ArkLaTex 100 Club and co-chaired its first self-run fundraiser, Pull for Heroes, held last March.

Christina recently became involved with a initiative, started by Leadership Texarkana, to promote Texarkana. This project uses #gotxk for attractions, events, food, and everyday life in Texarkana. She said, “The goal is to not only attract visitors, but to attract locals to see everything our town has to offer. There are so many hidden gems in the community that people do not realize, and this is something everyone can participate in to spread the love of Texarkana by using #gotxk in their social media posts.” 

Name something about you that very few people know:

“I love spicy food, but if something is too spicy, I get the hiccups.”