Connor Ribble

age: 27 | Real Estate Developer/Property Manager | Columbia Property Management

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Developer Conner Ribble takes great pride in the work he does throughout Texarkana. “I enjoy bringing a sense of creativity into each project I work on,” he said. “It is always fun seeing a person shocked at the before and after photos of projects, whether it is an empty piece of land or an old abandoned house. I find it very gratifying to not only improve a property but to give a person a place to live that they can happily call home.”

In his role, Conner oversees and manages all sorts of real estate projects, from property renovations and multi- family complexes to restaurant franchises. One of his top priorities is “providing excellent customer and maintenance service for the families in our complexes,” he said. “This is always important to me because so many people have a negative stigma toward landlords. My number one goal is for someone to see a sign that says ‘Columbia Property Management’ and to be excited about the work being done.” 

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Naturally, seeing Texarkana develop and grow fuels Conner’s fire. Outside of work, he serves on the Eagle Impact Board for Texas A&M-Texarkana, a budding university Conner is proud and excited to support. “Our board is always working on new and innovative ways to raise funds in order to give back to student life at A&M,” he explained. “I have enjoyed watching and being a part of a University that is growing at such a fast rate with a positive presence in the Texarkana community.”

At home, Conner and wife, Whitney, are busy with their new son, 8-month-old Palmer. “I know I am just beginning, but I can easily say my greatest personal accomplishment is raising my son, Palmer, with my wife,” Conner professed. Name something about you that very few people know:
“I am ambidextrous.”

Name something about you that very few people know:

“I am ambidextrous.”