Julia Peck Mobley

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The chairman and CEO of Commercial National Bank and the chairman of Commercial Bancshares, Inc., Julia Peck Mobley was born in Hope, Arkansas, and has called Texarkana “home” for over 30 years. The mother of three children and three grandchildren, Julia considers her family to be her greatest asset. Her daughter, Helen, is married to Richard Seymour, and they have two daughters, Amelia and Madeleine. Julia also has two sons: Matthew, and Philip, who is married to Margaret, and have a daughter, Mary Elizabeth.

photo by molly minter

photo by molly minter

Community-focused, career-minded and family-centered are words often used to describe Julia Peck Mobley. Known professionally as a great businesswoman and personally as a reliable friend, Julia takes pride in being “a loving mother, loyal friend and inquisitive person.”

Julia is proud that she has had the opportunity to lead Commercial National Bank, a bank that was started by her father, George W. Peck, in 1964. “I am proud to see Commercial National Bank continue as a locally-owned and operated community bank,” she says. “In addition, after being in banking for 30+ years, I am proud to be able to pass on to my children a sound and growing business that was originally started by my father.” Retaining local control and ownership of Commercial National Bank is also very important to Julia. On April 1, Julia took Senior Chairman status allowing Philip to step in as CEO of the bank.

Raising three well-adjusted adults that are contributing members of the community is Julia’s greatest personal accomplishment. In her spare time, she enjoys being with and taking care of her family, as well as read- ing and playing Bridge.

Julia credits her mother and father for teaching her how to be a contributing member of the community. “My parents have been the most influential people in my life,” Julia remarks. “My mother, Betty Burton Peck, taught me how to flourish in society. My father, Geo. W. Peck, taught me how to navigate business.” She remembers her father’s positive attitude and bright disposition. He often said, “There’s no such thing as problems, just opportunities.” And Julia feels the exact same way.

Julia has served in many capacities for numerous local non-profit organizations and service agencies. She is currently a board member of First United Methodist Church in Texarkana, Arkansas. She has received many accolades and recognitions, including: 1999 Citation of Distinguished Alumni from University of Arkansas; Public Service Award from the Arkansas Sierra Club; Top 100 Women in Arkansas from 1995-1999 by Arkansas Business Publishing Group; 1990 honoree of Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter at the University of Arkansas Business Administration; and honorary member of Delta Mu Delta, National Honor Society in Business Administration.

If Julia had one piece of advice to share with young women today, she would say, “Don’t let a fool kiss you or a kiss fool you!” 


The way BRENDA ROCHELLE sees her ...

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When I consider the title of “mentor,” the name Julia Peck Mobley comes to my mind. In the early years of my volunteering at the various community organizations, Julia “took me under her wing and showed me the ropes.” In so doing, she helped to build my self-confidence and courage to be a better “people person” in the business realm.

The main memory of Julia’s ability to counsel, advise, and encourage was during the TANG GANG membership drive for The Texarkana Chamber of Commerce. Julia was fearless and energetic, plus so humorous. She kept a very time-consuming task fun and entertaining. She is one of the most humble and unassuming human beings I have ever met. It is my extreme honor to nominate Julia Peck Mobley for this year’s Tribute to Women. 



What did you imagine yourself being when you were growing up?
“When I grew up in Hope, Arkansas, women usually didn’t have a lot of options in the business world. I was encouraged, by my mother, to be a teacher and even thought a librarian would be a good fit because knowledge is power.”

What is the last gift you gave someone? “The last gift I gave someone was ‘sound advice’!”

What is your favorite meal that you order regularly at a local establishment? “My favorite meal is sushi from Fuji Kim’s. I have a great deal of respect for this restaurant and for Mr. Kim’s service to our country.”

If there was a movie produced about your life, which actress would portray you? “Sometimes you have to be your own actress in everyday life, but I would choose Meryl Streep because I would love to look like her!” 

What is something unique about you that most people would not know?
“I have been reading science fiction since my teenage years. I have actually known of science fiction which became reality!”

If you could trade places with any person for a week, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be?
“I’m not sure I would trade places with anyone. Some days I’m just glad to have survived my own life experiences! I can’t imagine the trials and tribulations of walking in the shoes of others.”

If you could travel to space, and it was free, would you go?
“Yes! I would travel to Saturn! Traveling in space means you would be frozen in time. I could travel for light years and wake up one day without having aged one bit!”

What music do you listen to in your vehicle? “I listen to ’70s! Great rock and roll with a beat!” 

Julia holding her granddaughter, Mary Elizabeth Mobley, in September 2016.

Julia holding her granddaughter, Mary Elizabeth Mobley, in September 2016.