Lynn Cofield

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The founder/owner of Barbell Butterfly, Lynn Cofield has helped many women in the Four States area learn to feel better about themselves. This program teaches nutrition classes and fitness coaching and provides a sisterhood of women who cheer each other on during their weight loss journeys.

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Passionate. Determined. Strong. Tender-hearted. All of these words are often used to describe Lynn Cofield. A Registered Nurse for 22 years, Lynn has been an entrepreneur since August of 2015. After achieving a personal life transformation by losing 123 pounds, Lynn changed her life of failures into a life of pressing on for success. Her greatest personal accomplishments are her 15-year-old daughter, Bethann, and taking what was just an idea (Barbell Butterfly) and turning it into a reality that impacts so many other people every single day.

Lynn’s professional accomplishments include starting a free commu- nity women’s weight loss support group in January 2015 and beginning a scholarship at Texarkana College for women in the community who are returning to school later in life.

“I absolutely love helping other women learn how to find success!” Lynn exclaims. “It’s my passion that never turns off.” She encourages young women today to be themselves and own it unapologetically. She says, “Comparison is the thief of joy; don’t allow anyone to steal the joy of YOU!”

Lynn has had many people influence her over the years. “I can’t choose any one person who has benefitted me the most. I say all of the time that ‘it takes a village.’ This could not be more true,” she remarks. “This incredible life is a culmination of relationships with so many people along the way!”

“Do it scared” is Lynn’s life mantra. She concludes, “A lot of scary things come our way in life, and so many times, we let it stop us from moving forward and finding success. I finally learned to embrace the fear and do it scared! Because of this, my life has become something I could never have imagined!” 


The way SELENA JEFFERIES sees her ...

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I am honored to nominate Lynn Cofield to be included in Four States Living’s Tribute to Women 2018. Lynn made an incredible self-transformation while battling depression, weight gain, and declining health as a single mother raising a beautiful daughter, Bethann, on her own. Lynn made a decision four years ago to change the course of her life by embarking on a mission for healthy weight loss that began with clean nutritional eating. After six months, she added weight lifting exercise to her routine and lost a total of 123 pounds after putting her mind to a new lifestyle. While her outside was physically changing, internally she felt mental strength and empowerment.

Lynn did not stop with her own personal success and let her weight loss be the end game. Lynn developed her own nutrition and weight lifting program to share her success with other women and allow them to see their own success and empowerment. She has an incredible program called Barbell Butterfly that has successfully helped hundreds of women learn how to not only eat clean and change their bodies, but also change their mind and how they think about themselves. The Butterflies are part of a large support group and sisterhood. Lynn is a cheerleader for women and practices what she preaches while making the program fun. She is always full of energy and excitement, and ready to be a mentor, a coach, a leader, and a role model of encouragement constantly working hard to make her business and the Butterflies’ journeys a success. One of her catchphrases is to tell women that they are “unstoppable,” and that describes Lynn Cofield perfectly. 



What did you imagine yourself being when you were growing up?
“I certainly didn’t imagine doing THIS! I wanted to grow up and be a mom with tons of kids. It’s so funny that my life is so far from that now.”

What is the last gift you gave someone? “The last gift I gave someone is a large unicorn balloon column.”

What is your favorite meal that you order regularly at a local establishment?
“Parish Taceaux in Shreveport has a fantastic blackened salmon salad. It has a delicious lime vinaigrette that I’ve never had anywhere else. Absolutely delicious!”

If there was a movie produced about your life, which actress would portray you?
“I honestly have no idea how to answer this question.” 

What is something unique about you that most people would not know?
“I secretly really HATE cardio. (Haha!)”

If you could trade places with any person for a week, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be?
“I would trade places with someone at any other time in history. I LOVE history! It would be so awesome to actually live in another time for even just one day.”

If you could travel to space, and it was free, would you go?
“Yes! I would most definitely go! I would do it scared, but I would be first in line to go!”

What music do you listen to in your vehicle?  “I listen to all kinds of music, but when I’m in my ‘Butterflymobile,’ it’s almost always some good ’80s tunes.”

After losing 123 pounds and making a total lifestyle transformation, Lynn started Barbell Butterfly to empower other women along their journeys. 

After losing 123 pounds and making a total lifestyle transformation, Lynn started Barbell Butterfly to empower other women along their journeys.