Ryan Berry

age: 40 | President and CEO | TSD Logistics, Inc

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TSD Logistics, Inc. is a trucking and transportation firm with about 150 employees and five different divisions. After 10 years with the company, Ryan Berry was named President and CEO. “As CEO, I am directly responsible for all operations, sales, HR and accounting functions of the company,” he stated. “With so many moving parts, I lean hard on my team of experts. Without their help, it doesn’t go. Fortunately, 2018 has been a banner year for TSD, thanks to our amazing team, and quite honestly, the favor of God.”

Being a father to his three children, Will, Hattie Wren, and Rhodes, is Ryan’s greatest personal accomplishment. “Leaving a godly legacy for them is at the top of my list,” he explained. “At the end of the day, what else matters more? I try to keep it simple for them. Love God, love others. Everything else takes care of itself.” 

Best advice you’ve ever received:


For fun, Ryan enjoys being in the great outdoors, usually with his kids. Once he gets home from work, he quickly changes out of his work clothes, and he and kids go outside. “We love to hunt, fish and play ball, but we have just as much fun riding bikes or catching lizards at home. If I’m not with the kids, I like to hunt, fish, or play golf with my dad, brothers and friends.”

Born and raised in this community, Texarkana is very important to Ryan. He currently serves as treasurer on the board of directors for Laces of Grace and supports Watersprings Ranch. He also coaches his oldest son’s baseball teams through TABA.

Through TSD, Ryan has developed a relationship with Texas A&M-Texarkana and was recently invited to collaborate with the staff to develop the newly-offered Supply Chain Management Major as both a bachelor’s and graduate degree program. TSD offers both internships and scholarships to business and supply chain majors, and this fall, Ryan will be partnering with TAMU-T to teach a supply chain course at Red River Army Depot. 

Name something about you that very few people know:

Name something about you that very few people know: “I always mow my front yard in two different directions to make sure it’s all even. Only the front yard, not the back. And now that I have said that out loud, I’m thinking maybe that’s not so normal.”