Summer Gibson

age: 37 | Special Education Coordinator | Pleasant Grove Independent School District


Summer Gibson knows that she is right where she is meant to be. Her passion for special education comes from the fulfillment she feels every time she walks away leaving a student or teacher empowered. “Special education is rewarding! Every day, I get to see the impact I make on students and staff, big or small,” she explains. “Each and every one of us faces daily challenges at work, home or school. Special education is not any more challenging. All you need is a love for learning, a love for children and a desire to create an equitable learning environment for all students.”

Also an adjunct in the College of Education at Texas A&M University- Texarkana, Summer’s work-life balance involves a mixture of time management, commitment and prioritization. She values spending time with her husband, Justin, who serves as the Offensive Coordinator for Pleasant Grove High School, and her three daughters: Brooklyn (14), Kennedy (11) and Piper (7). She keeps this Dolly Parton quote by her desk at work and thinks about it often: “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

Professionally, Summer’s greatest accomplishment was being named Teacher of the Year for PGHS and PGISD. “This is a treasured accomplishment because I was nominated and chosen by my peers,” she says. “Nothing speaks more to my heart than knowing that my peers value the impact I have at the campus and district level.”

Best piece of advice:


Summer’s weekends are often filled with multiple trips back and forth to the soccer fields to cheer on her girls. She admits that it is “crazy and hectic” but she wouldn’t have it any other way. On Friday nights, the Gibson family can be found under the stadium lights cheering on the Pleasant Grove Hawk football team.

Years from now, Summer sees herself still involved in education and continuing to build teacher capacity. “We ARE the people who ignite passion in students,” she says. “I hope that I continue to ignite passion in future and current educators and keep reminding them that they are not mere ‘visitors’ in their students’ lives. I pray I am still encouraging them to be lifelong learners, growing, guiding and loving their students because they may have the next president, Supreme Court justice, doctor, lawyer, business owner, performer, volunteer, activist, or teacher of the year sitting in their classroom.”

Name something about you that very few people know:

“I am a published poet and also co-authored a children’s book with a friend.”