Yulin Brewer


Yulin Brewer

Four States Living Tribute To Women



Yulin Brewer works with her husband, Jerry, at NAI American Realty Company. She helps pay the bills and works with the bookkeeper and secretary to help keep the business running smoothly. She loves spending time with Jerry and their daughter, Shannon, often while enjoying fine cuisine or attending the many charity events in Texarkana.

Yulin with her daughter, Shannon, and husband, Jerry, while on a cruise to the Caribbean in December 2017.

Yulin with her daughter, Shannon, and husband, Jerry, while on a cruise to the Caribbean in December 2017.

Perhaps the one thing that people immediately notice upon meeting Yulin Brewer is her infectious smile. Always courteous and pleasant, Yulin is very dedicated to her family and her community.

Jerry and Yulin opened their NAI American Realty office on Texas Boulevard in 1989 with Yulin managing and leasing the office complex. She enjoyed answering the phone, making appointments, paying the bills, and even helped paint or do whatever chores were needed. “I am very proud that we grew from the two of us to 10 agents at NAI American and 10 at RE/MAX,” she explains. “We sold RE/MAX, and now only sell commercial real estate through the NAI Global Network.”

A loving mother, Yulin’s greatest personal achievement is her accomplished and well-rounded daughter, Shannon, who graduated with a Master of Science degree from the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth and attends the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. Shannon has recently been inducted into Sigma Sigma Phi, the national osteopathic medical honors fraternity for students of medicine. Yulin enjoys visiting Shannon in Ft. Worth and spending time with her, whether traveling or just hanging out together.

As a member of Women for the Arts, Rose Garden Club, and the Texarkana Texas Council of Garden Clubs, Yulin enjoys staying busy and bettering the community. She is also a member of the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary, CHRISTUS St. Michael Friends of the Foundation, and St. Edward’s Catholic Church.

“I am so thankful that I have been allowed to serve in my community, and I know that I have received far more than I could ever give,” she states.

Yulin’s greatest influence throughout her life has been her mother, a very accomplished, strong, and genuine woman filled with wisdom. “She always shared her stories with me about the long journey with my three older siblings before I was born, during the wars in China with Japan and Mao Tse Tung’s communist revolution,” Yulin shares. “Her strength, courage, and determination carried the family on the long walk to a safe zone where they joined my father and the Chinese Nationalist troops.” With a role model such as that, it’s no wonder that Yulin is an energetic, determined, fun-loving, loyal, and generous lady who believes in being a blessing to others.


The Way AMY MOHON sees her

Yulin Brewer brightens up any room she steps into! She always has a kind, uplifting, sweet word for everyone she meets which is perfectly paired with her sunny disposition. Yulin is a very generous and graceful lady, and she is definitely a giver. She gives of her time and her talents to many community agencies and gets more done than I could even shake a stick at! Yulin is a very smart lady, not only in business and leadership roles she holds in the community, but also in just how to treat other people and how to portray a Christian attitude toward others. Yulin possesses an inner beauty matching her outward beauty; she is a humble and kind person who I would like to be more like! Yulin has a beautiful and focused family and is a loving wife and mother. It is my honor to nominate Yulin as she is definitely a tribute to women!


What is something unique about you that most people would not know?
“Most people would never guess that I once was a very shy person and had to work very hard to reach out and make friends with new people.”

If you could have dinner with one person, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be?

“Rhett Butler, star of ‘Gone with The Wind.’ I told my mother, after seeing that movie at 12 years old, that I was going to America to find and marry Rhett Butler when I grew up.”

If you could travel to space, and it was free, would you go?
“Leave my family and friends and wonderful life behind? No, thank you.”

What music do you listen to in your vehicle?
“Blues and rock and roll from the ’60s through the ’80s, classical music, and my favorite collection of Shannon’s performances.”

What did you imagine yourself being when you were growing up? “An Olympic ice skater.”

What is the last gift you gave someone?
“A flower arrangement to my beautiful friend, LaWanda Rich.”

What is your favorite meal that you order regularly at a local establishment?
“I love tilapia the way they serve it at Amigo Juan’s and Zapata’s.”

If there was a movie produced about your life, which actress would portray you?
“Either Sally Field or Meryl Streep. I can’t decide between the two.”