Brigette Biley

age: 36 | Math Teacher | Texarkana Arkansas School District


“Teaching and learning are the most prized and most important professions on earth.” This quote sums up most everyone’s opinion on education, but especially Brigette Biley’s. Currently the Head of the Department of Mathematics at Arkansas High School, Brigette teaches both PreAP Algebra II and Algebra I and is also a doctoral student.

“As a math teacher, I believe in building students’ desires and pursuits to learn more in order to appreciate the beauty of mathematics and how its applications are utilized throughout the universe,” Brigette explains. “Most importantly, I get a chance to help students alleviate the fear of making mistakes and embrace them as this is the true concept of learning.” Brigette often gets the opportunity to close gaps in her students’ mathematical backgrounds, encouraging them to feel comfortable and enthusiastically seek higher and rigorous math courses beyond the requirements, and view them as a challenge rather than an obstacle.

Best piece of advice:


Brigette encourages her students not to be afraid to ask questions, challenge things that appear erroneous, and become adequate problem solvers, critical thinkers and eventually innovative and creative adults who can excel in their chosen careers. She continues, “This then becomes the pivotal point inspiring lifelong learning. Most importantly, I can incite drive, passion and a positive outlook for my students’ education so that they grow up and become productive citizens.”

Married to Chris Olatunji, Brigette enjoys traveling around the world. She previously lived in Europe and experienced living and teaching abroad. In the future, she would like to be a principal partnering with Folkestone Academy in England to provide students in Arkansas with more of an international perspective.

Name something about you that very few people know:

“I competed in Miss Arkansas as Miss Southern Arkansas University.”