Heath Coston

age: 26 | Minister of Students and Baptist Student Ministry Director | FBC Wake Village and Bowie Baptist Association


For Heath Coston, anything that involves laughter is a must. Whether hiking, running, walking his dogs, camping, taking a random road trip or lying in a hammock by the lake, Heath just enjoys being around his family and friends.

As a Minister of Students, Heath helps lead middle schoolers through college students closer to Christ. He gives weekly Sunday school lessons, weekly sermons, counsels students, hosts Bible studies, plans and coordinates events, takes the students to camps and conferences, and helps connect them for volunteer work, just to name a few tasks which he oversees. In his role as the BSM Director, he hosts four Bible studies a week: two at TAMU-T and two at Texarkana College. He explains, “I do what I do because I know it’s my calling. I look back at my life and know everything I’ve gone through was grooming me to the career I have today. It’s so undeniable, and all I can do is thank God.”

Best piece of advice:


Seeing kids grow into amazing young adults and knowing God used him to work in their lives is the reason Heath feels accomplished. Every year, Heath serves with the Bowie Baptist Association on the Ignite camps committee. And every July, he volunteers to serve at the three camp sessions and direct the late night games.

Heath is hopeful that he will still be serving in the ministry field for years to come, but he is not positive if it will still be church ministry. He explains, “I could see God leading me to go overseas, camp ministry, or stay in church ministry. If it is church ministry, then I see myself as a possible Associate Pastor, Student Minister, Education Minister, or maybe even a Senior Pastor. I do hope to be married by then and to have started a family.”

Name something about you that very few people know:

“Since 2012, I have taken my groups or served at 32 church camps.”