Claire Wilson

age: 33 | 504 Specialist | Texarkana Independent School District


Claire Wilson’s passion and drive revolves around the field of education. For the past five years, she has been a sixth grade math teacher at Texas Middle School. Although it was bittersweet for her to hang up her teaching hat, she is now a 504 Specialist for TISD. “I am now working with the teachers, staff and families at the Josh and Martha Morriss Elementary, Nash Elementary and Waggoner Creek Elementary to ensure that every student receives the best education they can, regardless of their disabilities,” she explains. “It is so exciting to me to be given this new opportunity to take a step back from the classroom, but still be able to learn and grow with TISD.”

Feeling fortunate to wake up each morning living a life that she truly loves, Claire admits that she has the best family and friends who are more like family. She and her husband, Drew, have a 2-year-old daughter, Charlie Jane, who she calls a “firecracker who keeps us on our toes.”

Best piece of advice:


Becoming a teacher is Claire’s greatest professional accomplishment. “My ‘why’ behind teaching was that I wanted to be that ‘safe place’ for students. I have always said that math didn’t always come first in my classroom, but instead, love and respect did. It was so important to me to begin the year building these relationships in order to create a safe spot so that learning could actually take place,” she explains. “We learned together. We cried together. We laughed together. We felt frustrated together, and so much more.” Today, that decision to go into teaching still affects Claire’s career-thinking process, even in her new role as 504 Specialist.

In 10 years, Claire imagines she will still be in the field of education in some capacity because advocating and being a voice and resource for students of Texarkana is what completes her professionally. She looks forward to continuing to live life and keep on having adventures (both big and small) with her family and friends.

Name something about you that very few people know:

“I really want to learn to weld! It is something that I have always been so fascinated with, and I love creating things! I recently saw that TRAHC offers a class through LeGrand Welding and Ironworks, called Metalsmithing! How fun would this be? Myself and several friends want to sign up for a class in the near future!”