Heather Avery

age: 36 | VP Deposit Operations | State Bank


Staying busy and learning new things makes Heather Avery happy. “I have been in banking for over 18 years. This side of how the bank operates has always been interesting to me. My job in Deposit Operations takes me in many directions, which is part of the reason I love it!” Heather says. “My job consists of training, audits, updating or writing new policies or procedures and treasury management, to name a few. Every day is something new, and that’s exciting!”

Early on, Heather set a goal to obtain a college degree. While getting a bachelor’s degree at TAMU-T, she decided to obtain a master’s degree also. Although it wasn’t easy, working and raising a family while continuing to attend college, Heather is thrilled that she received her MBA from TAMU-T in 2014.

Best piece of advice:


Heather serves on the Volunteer in Public Schools Board through TISD for the Nash Elementary campus. She has been the volunteer coordinator for three years, going on four. She is also currently serving as a committee co-chair for Race for the Cure® and volunteers to help the children’s classes and other community events through Heritage Church.

Heather’s favorite pastime is spending time with her friends and family. Time at the pool and vacationing during the summer with her husband, Kevin, and children, Abigail (9) and Owen (2), is also her idea of fun. What does Heather think she will be doing in 10 years? “I will still be in Texarkana, for sure!” she answers. “And I will have a 12-year- old and a 19-year-old, so I assume that will be taking up most of my time outside of work, which I hope is still at State Bank.”

Name something about you that very few people know:

“I am always surprised at the number of people who don’t know I am a twin. I have a twin sister, Holly, who also lives in Texarkana and works right down the street from me!”